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2007-12-13 16:31:30 by Nintendoguy95

You can check out this Role Playing Forum that is quite fun. Roaltyx posted it in his profile and that's how I saw it. There isn't a lot of members but that is because it is new. .php?login=303316


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2008-01-31 16:37:12

tel me how 2 improv mr nintendo

Nintendoguy95 responds:

i don't understand what you are saying


2008-04-30 07:31:26

i'm from you tuuuuube :P3nguinguyz

Nintendoguy95 responds:

oh hey! nice to hear from you


2008-07-10 04:23:49

Hey have you got the name yet the guy from NGP hasnt replied yet

Nintendoguy95 responds:

the guy said it was deleted because it was copied from somewhere else